Research lighting

Created for research on plants and microorganisms. The only luminaires with a variable light spectrum, guaranteeing optimal conditions for experimenting.

VARIO research luminaire

VARIO is a research luminaire with a variable spectrum. Its main application is light-based research. The luminaire enables to shape the spectrum in the range of 280 (UV) – 855 (IR) nm . This functionality allows the modification of morphological features and the control of metabolic reactions in plants and microorganisms. VARIO luminaire is available in two sizes: 1200 mm and 600 mm. The longer one has two LED panels and a power of 200 W. The shorter one has one LED panel and a power of 100 W.

Configuration of the LED panel

The configuration includes the selection of SMD LEDs (Surface Mount Device –
indicates the type of diode assembly) which essentially forms the spectrum of the lamp. LEDs are placed on 9 channels that can be independently controlled. Individual color LEDs are repeated on each of the 9 pixels. The independence of the channels allows you to freely control the power of individual light colors, and to turn them on and off.


Channel 1

Channel 2

Channel 3

Channel 4

Channel 5

Channel 6

Channel 7

Channel 8

Channel 9


Control system

Along with the research luminaire tailored to your needs, you will receive access to the Bilberry Control System. A mobile device is enough to control individual channels. You can quickly and easily change both the power and color of light.

Examples of application

Plant biology

The influence of the light spectrum on the growth and morphology of plants


Effect of light on the metabolism of microorganisms


Spectrum measurements and analysis

Cell biology

Fluorescence induction


Research on UV blockers and high-energy visible light


Psychological influence of light on human and animal well-being and behavior

Chemical engineering

Curing the varnish and resin with ultraviolet light

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