Industrial lighting

Designed to provide the best working conditions and generate savings for your company.

Adaptive system for industry

Our proprietary lighting control system was created for even greater convenience and savings. The system independently controls the luminaires so that the amount of light in the room is always the same, regardless of the conditions outside.

The main advantages of lighting fixtures

A high amount and quality of the emitted light thanks to supremely efficient LED diodes.

The fixture is constructed as a heat sink, which enables the device to operate in high and low temperatures.

Built-in wireless adaptive light control system and control app unit.

The structure of the luminaire is tight and impact resistant.

High-end industrial power supply.

The fixture's slim and lightweight profile is easy to place on a building plan.

Instruction for the investor

The modernization of the lighting of an industrial hall or warehouse seems to be a large financial and logistic undertaking. Choosing the right power, an even amount of light or replacing high-hanging fixtures – these are just a few of the many obstacles that investors face. Based on our experience, we will show you how to go through the entire modernization process in a few steps on an exemplary facility.

Examples of implementations

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