About us

Bilberry is not only a brand, primarily it is the community of people who care. Together, we form an energetic group, guided by common values. We pay a lot of attention to education. Solidity and truthfulness of information are scarce commodities nowadays, so we invest in our development and research to provide honest information and solutions that can be relied on.

Who are we?

The desire to progress, innovation, environmental stewardship and creation of high-quality products that will serve for years – these are the main factors that drive the development of our company – Bilberry.

We are a Polish manufacturer of lighting using LED technologies, not only for professional use (in sectors such as: industrial, agricultural, research and scientific), but also for houseplants breeding. In our work, we put great emphasis on the luminaires development and photobiological research.

We want to show that the amount of light does not always go hand in hand with quality, and its spectral composition has a significant impact on the plant cycle and human work. In the interests of environmental protection, we introduce solutions which reduce the amount of post-production waste. We also try to work with local suppliers. All of our lamps are designed and manufactured in Łódź.

What are we striving for?

Our Mission

We want to create innovative and high-quality lighting fixtures. To produce them in an ethical and sustainable manner, supporting a positive impact on the environment in which we live. We want to build a creative and diverse team, guided by shared values and passion.

Our Vision

Building a knowledge base of carefully selected solutions, tailored to the requirements of each of our clients, so as to be able to create lighting products that compete only with sunlight.

What are we inspired by?
Our Values


The basis for building any relationship is honesty and trust. This belief accompanies us from the very beginning, in every aspect of the company’s operation. Starting from the recruitment process, ending with the method of internal communication, contact with contractors, and ending with our articles or publications.


One of the main factors influencing work efficiency is commitment. It is an important element of our organizational structure. We constantly take care in creating a friendly environment for our employees and inspire them to take on new challenges every day.


We know that in order to be up to date, we should constantly expand our competences. That is why we invest in development: by conducting experiments, scientific research and investing resources in our education. We are committed to providing products that meet your expectations and help you develop your capabilities.


From the product design process to its shipment, we strive to implement processes that will reduce the ecological footprint. We have introduced adaptive solutions that allow you to reduce the amount of energy consumed. The pace of climate change is accelerating dangerously. We feel responsible for our futureand we believe that together we can initiate real change.


All the values listed above, contribute to the quality of our products and services. Each of our products or implemented projects is carefully thought out. Step by step, it is refined in stages by enthusiasts of their fields, so as to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. We derive inspi experiences and knowledge to provide more than just lighting.

Do you have any questions?

Our experts will be happy to answer them - contact us.