General Warranty Conditions of Bilberry sp.z o.o.

I. General warranty conditions

  1. Bilberry Sp. z o. o., with its seat at ul. Brukowa 12, 91-341 Łódź, KRS 0000710242, hereinafter referred to as the “Guarantor”, hereby grants a warranty for lighting products on the terms described in this document.
  2. The Guarantor declares that the above products are free from manufacturing and material defects , and in the event of their use as intended, they will function properly for a period not shorter than the duration of the provided warranty protection, subject to the cases described in this document.
  3. For all Bilberry products : lighting fixtures, light intensity sensors, motion sensors and a control unit, the guarantor gives a 5-year warranty, unless otherwise stated in the catalog card.
  4. The warranty is only valid under the following conditions:
    1. The warranty covers only manufacturing defects and defects resulting from reasons inherent in the goods, i.e. hidden defects resulting from manufacturing defects or hidden material defects;
    2. Lighting fixtures should be operated in accordance with the information contained in the catalog card;
    3. Luminaires should not be used in environmental conditions that endanger the structure and electrical equipment installed in the luminaire. These conditions include the presence of inert chemicals in the air, as well as shocks and vibrations;
    4. If the conditions in which the luminaires are to be operated differ from the conditions for which the luminaires are intended, and the Buyer, before making the purchase, reported to the Guarantor the conditions in the place of installation of the luminaires and the Guarantor confirmed the possibility of their use in such an environment;
    5. The products are used in accordance with their intended use and the given product specification (catalog card);
    6. The installation of the products was carried out in a professional manner by authorized personnel, in accordance with the conditions specified in the catalog card and in accordance with the art and technical knowledge;
    7. Modification of product functions or software updates is made only by the luminaire manufacturer or a third party designated by him;
    8. Any repairs or maintenance of the products have been performed with the professional knowledge and in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations
    9. The products have not been exposed to mechanical and / or chemical overloads inconsistent with their intended use, threatening the structure of the luminaire, paint coating or electronic components inside the luminaire;
    10. Ambient temperatures and supply voltage did not exceed the rated values ​​specified for the products in the specifications or technical standards.
  5. Violation of the above and other rules mentioned in this document results in the loss of warranty rights.

II. The scope of the warranty

  1. The warranty starts from the date of purchase of the product by the Buyer, resulting from the VAT invoice confirming the purchase of the goods.
  2. The Buyer’s rights under the warranty for defects referred to in the Civil Code are excluded . This provision also applies to software.
  3. This warranty covers only product defects resulting from defects in design, material or production.
  4. The warranty does not cover defects resulting from the impact of chemical, thermal, mechanical, light and other factors, the impact of which on the products is inconsistent with the operating instructions and technical knowledge;
  5. Parameters of new LED luminaires (modules) have a tolerance of +/- 10% for luminous flux, power and color temperature.

III. Warranty claim

  1. The Buyer submitting a complaint is obliged to immediately report the claim to the Guarantor.
  2. The warranty claim is submitted to the Guarantor, under pain of losing the rights under the guarantee, in writing to the address of the Guarantor’s seat or by e-mail to the following address: or the e-mail address of the sales representative who sold the products covered by the guarantee. The e-mail must contain the proof of purchase of the product (VAT invoice or copy of the purchase contract) and a detailed, documented description of the defect. After receiving the notification, a message will be sent to the Buyer that the notification has been accepted along with the complaint number provided.
  3. The Guarantor considers the notification within 14 days from the date of delivery of the defective goods and documents indicated in point 3.2., Subject to the possibility of extending this period in the event of the need to perform detailed technical tests, about which the Guarantor shall immediately inform the Buyer.
  4. The buyer sends back the defective goods referred to in point 3.3. of these GTC, with a clear indication of the complaint number received from the Guarantor on the package.
  5. The Guarantor shall inform the applicant in writing or by e-mail about the examination of the application.
  6. The Guarantor’s liability is limited to the value of the product at the date of its purchase.
  7. If the warranty claim is accepted, the Guarantor shall each time decide to repair the defective product, replace it with a defect-free product, reduce its price or replace it with a product with the same application and similar technical parameters, in the event that the product subject to the complaint has been withdrawn from offers.
  8. When repairing a defective product, the Guarantor allows the replacement of components with used or regenerated components , which in terms of performance, functionality and reliability are equivalent to new components and are free from defects and material shortages.
  9. In the course of the warranty process, the product is repaired or replaced with a defect-free product free of charge.
  10. If, as a result of accepting the claim, any elements in the defective product are replaced, the warranty will not be renewed.
  11. If the complaint is accepted, the Guarantor will take the steps necessary to fulfill the warranty obligation no later than 21 days from the date of informing the Buyer about the manner of handling the complaint, unless there are circumstances beyond the Guarantor’s control that may affect the extension of this period, such as: the necessity performing additional laboratory tests, ordering non-standard components that will be used in the repaired luminaire and require them to be brought from suppliers, etc.
  12. If the product is not picked up after the Guarantor’s call, the Buyer is charged with the cost of storing the product, or the cost of returning it.
  13. The period of storage of the product by the Guarantor is a maximum of 6 months. After this period, the product will be returned to the Buyer at his expense.
  14. All costs related to the consideration by the Guarantor of an unjustified warranty claim shall be covered by the Buyer.

IV. Other terms

  1. If the Buyer or third parties designated by him make any interference with the setting, repair, change or remove defects in the products, without the Guarantor’s written consent, all claims under this guarantee shall expire upon their making.
  2. The warranty also expires if the products have been used or misused.
  3. If a complaint is received from the Buyer, the Guarantor reserves the right to inspect the defects of the advertised products at the place of their use. The Buyer’s lack of consent to carry out such an inspection by the Guarantor or his designated representative shall be treated as a waiver of the warranty application.
  4. The Guarantor allows for paid service repairs of products, including post-guarantee repairs, the terms of which will be agreed between the Buyer and the Guarantor each time.
  5. Bilberry Sp. z o. o., within the limits covered by applicable law, shall not be liable for any losses, damages, increased costs or expenses, for the loss of use of the product, its functionality, for damage to the product, for any lost benefits, savings, contracts, revenues or for any losses or additional costs not attributable to the direct fault of Bilberry Sp. z o. o
  6. The law applicable to this warranty is Polish law.
  7. These General Warranty Conditions apply from November 5, 2020 and apply to all orders placed after that date.