VARIO LED diodes

The configuration includes the selection of SMD LEDs (Surface Mount Device – indicates the type of diode assembly) which essentially forms the spectrum of the lamp. The LEDs are placed on 9 channels that can be independently controlled. Individual color LEDs are repeated on each of the 9 panels. We offer both white and monochromic LEDs (single wavelength).

Available LEDs

Monochromatic LEDs

280 nm (A)

Color: UVC

365 nm (A)

Color: UVA

375 nm (A)

Color: UVA

385 nm (A)

Color: UVA

395 nm (A)

Color: UVA

400 nm (A)

Color: UVA

405 nm (A)

Color: Violet

410 nm (A)

Color: Violet

425 nm (A)

Color: Violet/Blue

440 nm (A)

Color: Royal Blue

465 nm (A)

Color: Blue

500 nm (A)

Color: Cyan

525 nm (A)

Color: Green

595 nm (A)

Color: Amber

630 nm (A)

Color: Red

660 nm (A)

Color: Crimson

730 nm (A)

Color: Cherry Red

855 nm (A)

Color: IR

White LEDs

2700 K SUN

Color: White 2700 K

3000 K SUN

Color: White 3000 K

4000 K SUN

Color: White 4000 K

5000 K SUN

Color: White 5000 K

3000 K CRI80 (A)

Color: White 3000 K

3300 K CRI70 (A)

Color: White 3000 K

4000 K CRI80 (A)

Color: White 4000 K

5000 K CRI80 (A)

Color: White 5000 K

5500 K CRI74 (A)

Color: White 5500 K

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