Agricultural and Horticultural Farm
Ryszard Prus

Ryszard Prus Agricultural and Horticultural Farm is famous for its high-quality raspberry tomatoes. In 2006, as one of the first in Poland, they started growing the tastiest variety of raspberry tomato, Tomimaru Muchoo. However, over time they’ve noticed a lack of good quality tomatoes during the winter. Due to this they decided to break with the standard growing pattern and start lighting the plants during the colder months. Since then, they have been offering their customers the best raspberry tomatoes almost all year round. Mr. Ryszard and his son Paweł are kind of “influencers” in the field of new greenhouse technologies. They illuminate their tomatoes with traditional sodium lamps and LED luminaires. In the 2020-2021 season, the Farm decided to incorporate Bilberry luminaires.

Spectra developed by biotechnologists
HORTI HIGH POWER type luminaires
0 %
Energy savings compared to HPS
0 %
Increase in weight of tomatoes

Two spectra were tested in the greenhouse – B1P(1) and B1P(3) on HORTI HIGH POWER luminaires. The results showed a 15% increase in tomato weight with 30% energy savings. Talks about further larger implementations are underway.

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The HORTI series of luminaires was created to meet the requirements of professional growers. The use of LED technology guarantees a similar light intensity to sodium lamps popular in the industry, with 40% lower power consumption. At the same time, LED luminaires have a significantly longer lifespan, during which they do not change the range of their spectrum. In our offer you will find light spectra suited to the plants most often requiring additional lighting.

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