Spectrum for orchids

Leafy Orchids


Spectrum composition


The LG1 spectrum consists of blue and red waves complemented by a small peak of green light, which, according to recent research, enhances the effect of blue light.

This spectrum is especially effective in the vegetative phase, as a large amount of blue and red light are found in the area of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR; 400-700 nm).


The LG1 spectrum in orchid cultivation increases the number of leaves by 50% and their area by 9% compared to plants grown under HPS lamps (Graph 2)

Graph 1.

Comparison of Leafy Orchids (LG1) spectrum effects to HPS.

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Flowery Orchids


Spectrum composition


The spectrum of SG2 consists of blue and red light complemented with green light. Flowery Orchids spectrum is especially effective during the flowering phase as red light increases photosynthetic efficiency and chlorophyll production. A high blue to green light ratio and a lower blue to red light ratio ensure optimal development of the orchid family.


The SG2 spectrum in the cultivation of orchids results in an increased number of buds, flowers and shoots (Graph 2.2.). Orchids grow evenly and reach their peak of development before plants grown under sodium lamps begin to mature.

Graph 2.

Comparison of Flowery Orchids (SG2) spectral effects to HPS.

stor ang2

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