Lighting modernization

The company X has a production hall with an area of 2,500 m2 and a warehouse with an area of 900 m2. The entire facility is 8 m high and equipped with 400 W metal halide lamps.

Step 1: Assessment of the actual state

Each lighting modernization begins with an audit of the current lighting installation. We check the condition of the electrical installation, assess the type of luminaires, get acquainted with the type of work carried out and the specificity of the facility. This allows to determine the appropriate light intensity for the activities performed, in accordance with the PN-EN 12464-1 standard. For example, free-form forging requires 200 lux and painting an area 750 lux.
In accordance with the standard, 300 lux should be provided in the production hall, as this is where medium assembly takes place. In the case of a warehouse, the value of light intensity should be 150 lux due to the moving carriages. Currently, there are 75 luminaires on the premises of the described facility, 63 in the production hall and 12 in the warehouse.
Production plant before modernization

Step 2: Analysis

At this stage, we calculate the cost of using the lighting, evaluate the profitability of modernization, propose an appropriate luminaire and prepare a lighting design tailored to the facility.

The entire facility is equipped with a total of 75 luminaires (400 W each). The total power of the installation is 30 kW. Assuming that the facility operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the annual electricity consumption will be 262 800 kWh. In this facility, the ADARA luminaire with a power of 120 W will be the best solution. It will provide adequate lighting intensity, uniformity, and high quality of light, which is perfect for industry. Very high efficiency of 188 lm/W will ensure adequate lighting intensity. As a result, only 53 luminaires will be enough for the entire facility, and the power of the new installation will be 6.4 kW.

The production plant after modernization

Step 3: Implementation

The next step is to replace the lighting. We disassemble old fittings and suspend new ones according to the design, we adjust the electrical installation or replace it.
The high efficiency of LED light sources allowed for the installation of a smaller number of luminaires. Electricity bills will be 79% lower, and the entire investment will pay off in less than 6 months. The use of an adaptive lighting intensity control system will increase savings to about 90%, making the investment pay off even faster. It is clear that replacing lighting may turn out to be cheaper than it seemed initially. The table below shows the condition before and after the modernization.
TypeLuminaire powerQuantityLighting installation powerAnnual electricity consumption
Metal halide lighting400 W7530 kW262 800 kWh
Bilberry LED lighting120 W536,4 kW55 714 kWh

Step 4: Usage

After modernization, we will perform measurements of lighting and electrical installations and provide full post-implementation documentation. The long lifespan of the luminaires and a long warranty will allow for trouble-free use of lighting for many years, even in the toughest industrial conditions. No need to periodically replace burnt-out light sources is an additional saving of money and time.

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