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Profilpas Polska sp. z o.o. is a producer of skirting boards and flooring profiles. Some time ago the company began modernization of its plant, starting with the production hall. The next step was the renovation of the warehouse. As our company provides lighting solutions tailored to the client’s needs we were selected to carry out the project. Firstly, a lighting project was prepared and as a result the number of luminaires was reduced without losing the brightness of the interior. In 2020, we performed a comprehensive replacement of lighting from sodium luminaires (HPS) to ADARA luminaires.

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Increase in light intensity
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Reduced energy consumption
We managed to reduce the power consumption by 80% while increasing the amount of light, and thanks to the large number of skylights and the light intensity control system, electricity bills will drop by 90%. The arrangement of the luminaires based on the lighting design made it possible to install 35% fewer luminaires than originally

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The ADARA family of industrial luminaires is distinguished by high quality of the emitted light. The combination of the most efficient LED diodes and diffusive glass ensures its excellent intensity even in very highfacilities. The industrial power supply and resistance to external factors make it a luminaire for special tasks. The built-in system enables adaptive regulation of light intensity, extending the life of the luminaire and significantly reducing operating costs.

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